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Lowne's Creek, Isle of Wight, Va
who died 9 April, 1709
-- Genealogists never die they just lose their census --

Wills and Administrations of Isle of Wight County, 
Virginia 1647-1800.
Page 47- Listed under Will & Deed Book #2, 1666-1719
Page 500 in the Will and Deed Book #2.

ELDRIDGE, Samuel: Leg. son William; son Samuel; daughter Elizabeth;
daughter  Martha; son William to my loving friend Murfrey; 
son Samuel to my brother-in-law William Hook; daughter Martha to Elizabeth Gayner, if she should die before said daughter is 16, 
to her daughter Mary Gainer. Exs., friends William Hook and Roger Tarlton, D. April 9, 1709. R. May 2, 1709.
   Wit: Francis Seagrave, Roger Tarlton, John Tarlton.              Page 500

Samuel Eldridge's daughter Elizabeth married Samuel Gainer (look in notes of Elizabeth for more information.) The will states, "daughter Martha to Elizabeth Gayner, if she should die before said daughter is 16, to her daughter Mary Gainer." Martha was not yet 16 when Samuel died. Samuel Gainer who married Elizabeth Eldridge had a sister named Elizabeth Griffen Gainer, Mary Gainer was probably her daughter. As any daughter of Elizabeth Eldridge Gainer who was the sister of Martha would not likely have been old enough to care for Martha.

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I too am looking for Eldridge relations in Johnston Co. I have found a Samuel Eldridge listed on The 1790 Federal Census. Maybe he is the son of your Sameul. It listed the following information:1 male or female over 16;1 male or female under 16; 2 FWF and 6 slaves. I forgot what fwf is unless it's free white females.My great-great grandfather was Troy Eldridge born about 1820 who married Susanna Ingram born about 1822. Their children were Julius, Eurastus, Martha, and James Kennethy (my great-grand father.) If you think your Eldridges are kin to mine I will share all the information I have with you.I just remembered I have a sheet with some Eldridge info. on it.This is a short version of this page.Samuel Eldridge came to America in 1636, he patented land on Lowne's Creek in Isle of Wight Co.,Va.---Samuel Eldridge son of the first Samuel died in 1709 leaving minor children Elizabeth, Martha, William and Samuel. William died in Northampton Co, leaving a will in which he remembered "Bro. Samuel" then in NC. He patented land in Duplin Co. and lived in Johnston Co. until 1778. His son Samuel was the only Eldridge in the state at the time of the 1790 Census.He had 3 sons, William Young and John  and perhaps several daughter. One daughter Kitsey married Moses Lee who died in prison during the Civil War. Their two children were Eldridge Lee and 
Johnny Lee(F) who married James F. Peacock. After Moses died, Kitsey Lee married Jeremiah Lee, no relation to Moses. They had one child, Electa Lee who married John H. Ballance. They lived in Dunn which is in Harnett Co. That was the only page on the Eldridges. There were more pages but they were Missing. I hope this has been of some help to you. Sheila 

Re: Samuel Eldridge, Johnston Co.   NC(?-1778)
Posted by Darl S. Hood on October 04, 1998 at 17:17:40:
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posted by Sheila Smith on October 03, 1998 at 14:53:33:

Sheila, your info is very interesting and I'm sure it relates to my Samuel Eldridge someway but I don't quite know how at this time. Sorry I can't help you with Troy and Susanna but will let you know if I find anything on them. Another record you should see--the Wm. Spencer Eldridge Family Bible, pg 55 of Fam Bible Records [in Johnston Co NC] Vol I&II by Liz Ross. WS Eldridge b.29 Aug 1838 JoCo; m. Nancy Wood 4 Jan 1870 (wid/o Harry Lee who d. CSA), Nancy b. 5 May 1842, d/o Whitfield Wood. Bible lists 2 children by Harry and 6 (b. 1870-1882) by WS. Then it lists Elizabeth Eldridge (21 Oct 1814 SampCo-Feb 1862) and Samuel Eldridge (d. 17 Mar 1772) [Possibly his parents?] and Young Eldridge (1809 JoCo-17 Dec 1882). What do you make of this Samuel?

Clyde Hooks wrote this in the Hooks genforum;
Re: Warren Hooks b: 1/27/1802 NC

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Warren Hooks was the youngest son of William Hooks (Jr.) and Dorcas Blake. William died testate in Wayne County, N.C., in 1820. Warren was named in the will. Other children of William were John, who stayed in Wayne Co.; William (III), a Revolutionary Soldier who ended up in Emanuel Co., Ga.; Robert, who ended up in Lawrence Co., Ala.; Blake, who was still in Wayne Co. in 1830; Morning (Mourning), who married Mills Howell; Sarah "Sally," who married Jesse Worrell; Mary "Polly," who married -?- Boyet; Smithey, who married Phillip B. Raiford; and Nancy.

William Hooks (Jr.) was the son of William Hooks (Sr.). Other children of 
William (Sr.) were Hardy, who is the ancestor of a huge family

from Wayne Co., N.C.; Robert, who also settled in what was to become Wayne Co.; Thomas; and Jacob. William (Sr.) died testate in Dobbs County, N.C., in late 1766 or early in January, 1767. However, a copy of the will does not exist.

William Hooks (Sr.) was the son of John Hooks (Sr.) and his wife, 

Ruth -?-.  Other children of John were Thomas; Robert, who was in 

Duplin Co., N.C., by 1744; John (Jr.), who went to Northampton Co., 

N.C.; Elizabeth; Mary; and Sarah. John died testate in 1732 in Bertie 

County, North Carolina.

John Hooks (Sr.) was apparently the son of Robert Hooks. Robert lived 

in Nansemond and Isle of Wight counties of Virginia. Apparently Robert also had a son named Robert (Jr.). 

Robert Hooks was apparently the son of William Hooks (I) who came to  Virginia on the French ship in 1629. Other children of William (I) appear to be Thomas, William (II), and possibly a daughter that married Samuel Eldridge. All lived in Isle of Wight County, Virginia. 

In a message dated 2/15/01 9:50:45 AM Central Standard Time, (Clyde Hooks)writes:
My dear Mr. Crandall, 
    Coy Johnston, in his book  "Thomas Hooks, 1730-1803, His Antecedents and Descendants,  and Allied Families of Harrison, Duggan and Smithwick" (Atlanta, Ga.: the author, 1976), wrote about the will of Samuel Eldridge. Coy assumed that William Hooks (II), the son of William Hooks (I),  had married a sister of Samuel. In my book, "Hillary Hooks (1794-1865) of Washington County, Georgia His Ancestors and Descendants" (Belvedere, SC: the author, 
1997), I wrote:      "In 1709 in Isle  of Wight County, Virginia, Samuel Eldridge in his will referred to "my brother-in-law, William Hook [sic], " and named him one of the executors. Coy Johnston took that to mean that William (II) had married a sister of Samuel Eldridge. Blanche Adams Chapman, author of "Marriages of Isle of Wight County, Virginia, 1682-1800" (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1976), took it to mean that Samuel Eldridge had married a sister of William Hook. Either could be correct. William (II) was granted 350 acres in Nansemond County in 1719. It appears that his son, William (III), later owned that land."      I'm not too smart, but I believe that a brother-in-law could be 
either a husband of one's sister, or a brother of one's spouse. In my posting that you sent, I had written "and possibly a daughter that married Samuel Eldridge. " Samuel either married a daughter of William Hooks (I), which would have been a sister of William Hooks (II), or else his sister married William Hooks (II). I'm not smart enough to know which is correct. I had written the word "POSSIBLY" and I think my position is correct.  I'm sorry if anything I have written has upset anyone.      Clyde 

The next article:  Blanche Adams Chapman, author of "Marriages of Isle of Wight County, Virginia, 1682-1800" (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1976) is one of the articles Clyde referred to as "possibly" being incorrect.

Marriages of Isle of Wight Co Va. 1628-1800
Nansemond Co.
Samuel Eldridge and _____ Hooks, sister of William Hooks, 1709


In Northampton Co. NC in 1751, we find the will of William ELDRIDGE who names brother Samuel, sisters Martha GAY and Elizabeth PEACOCK

ELDRIDGE  Samuel    1666 Lancaster Co., VA   Headright of Richard Parrott, Gent. of Lancaster Co., VA land on south side Rappahannock River.

ALDRED    Samuel    1682 Fairfax Co, VA Samuel Aldred m. the widow of 
Richard Cary of Fairfax Co after 25 Nov 1682

ELDRIDGE  Samuel    1683 James City Co., VA  Mrs. Lydia Nowell, 357 ac. James City Co., N. side James River, 16 Apr 1683 beginning at Mr. John Edloe on W. side of Woolfe's plantation on Ellibris' line; including plantation called Forman's sd. land purchased 27 Sep 1655 by William Fry, gent. of Rice Hoe. gent., for 252 ac. the residue for transportation of 3 persons: Henry Bowser, Samuel Eldridge, John Rosse.

ELDRIDGE  Samuel    1696 Isle of Wight Co., VA    Estate of Samuel Gainor, dec'd, appraised by John Carrell and Samuel Eldridge 9 Jun 1696.

ELDRIDGE  Samuel    1699 Isle of Wight Co., VA    Will of William Brasie (Brasseur) of Isle of Wight of Levy Neck. Leg. John Harrison my kinsman, son of John and Milboran Harrison lately deceased, land bounding on John Murrey and John Carroll; to his brother William Harrison the rest of the land purchased of John Seward; Samuel Newton of Lawnes Creek Parish in Surry Co., VA; Thomas Page, taylor of Nansemond Co.; the three children of James Tullagh's of ye Lower Parish; Hugh Brassie; William Brasie; wife Susanna. trustees: Daniel Sanborne of the Lower Parish of Isle of Wight; Henry Wiggs carpenter; Isack Reeks, Clerke of ye Yearly Meeting; John Jordan son of Thomas Jordan lately deceased and Robert Lacie of Lawnes Creek in Surry. Wife extx. 22 Jan 
1699, proved 9 Jun 1701. Wit: Martha Thropp, William Wilson, Samuel Eldridge, Elizabeth Gainer, John Crabham. 


ALDRED    Samuel    1707 Gloucester Co., VA  
Listed as the owner of lot 42 in Gloucester town.

Samuel Eldridge's daughter Elizabeth married Samuel Gainer (Look in notes of Elizabeth for more information.) 

* The will states, "daughter Martha to Elizabeth Gayner, if she should die before said daughter is 16, to her daughter Mary Gainer." Martha was not yet 16 when Samuel died. Samuel Gainer who married Elizabeth Eldridge had a sister named Elizabeth Griffen Gainer, Mary Gainer was probably her daughter. As any daughter of Elizabeth Eldridge Gainer who was the sister of Martha would not likely have been old enough to care for Martha.

Samuel Eldridge had four known children

1. Samuel Eldridge whose Will was probated May 1778

and married Elizabeth Bryan

2. William Eldridge whose Will was dated May 1751

who married Mary

3. Elizabeth Eldridge who married 1st Samuel Gainer

2nd ? Peacock

4. Martha Eldridge who was born between 1693 and 1709

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