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There is a lot of information on the internet about Samuel Eldridge but 

finding it is not easy. I have decided to place what I know about the 

first three Samuel's and family in one location to help others who may

 need this. If anyone has more information or finds anything wrong  

please email me!     

My name is Mike Crandall


"Samuel Eldridge"
of Lowne's Creek, Isle of Wight, Va 
died bef 10 Apr 1665

Samuel Eldridge had only one known child

1. Samuel Eldridge who died 9 April 1709

Justinian Cooper and Headrights


Immigrated, was naturalized or arrived approximately 1636 USA: Virginia
Source: Nugent, Nel M. Cavaliers and Pioneers: A Calendar of Virginia Land Grants. 1623-1800.
Vol 1: 1-6 Richmond, VA: Dietz Printing Co. 
[1929-1931.Although Vol 6 ends with the year 1695, no other volumes were published.]
Ancestry of My Three Children
Author: Lina Vandegrift
Call Number: R929.2 qC522
The ancestry of Lewis Williamson Cherry, George Denison Cherry and Carolyn Vandegrift McDonnell. 

Bibliographic Information: Vandegrift, Lina. 
Ancestry of My Three Children. 
Np: Fellow Amercian Society of Genealogies, 1945. 
Based on records, Isle of Wight Co., Va., Eldridge Family in America. 

I SAMUEL EIDRIDGE, was one of 20 transported by Justinian Cooper, who thereby got 1050 acres in Warriscuick
Warriscuick Co., Va., 13 Sept., 1636. On 20 Aug. 1650, Samuel Eldridge and Robert Blake had a grant of 560 acres in Isle of Wight Co., Va. for transporting 11 persons. Samuel sold his 280 acres to Humphrey Clark, 13 Mar. 1654, signing the deed with his mark. Samuel had a grant of 400 acres there, 8 June, 1655. His wife is unknown. His dau. 
Immigrated, was naturalized or arrived approximately 1637
USA: Virginia
Source: Greer, George Cabell. Early Virginia Immigrants 1623-1666 Reprint.
Baltimore Genealogical Pub. Co. 1960.
ELDRIDGE  Samuel  The first mention of the Eldridge name in Virginia records is in grant of land to Justinian Cooper, Sept. 13, 1636, in which Sam Eldridge is named as one of the headrights. 
(Virginia Patents, Book No. I, p. 380.)
ELDRIGE Samll.   Justinian Cooper 1050 acs. Warrisquick Co., 13 Sept. 1636, p. 380. N. "W. upon the head of Lawnes Cr., S.E. upon the back Cr., N.E. upon his dwelling howse & S.W. into the woods.  50 acs. for his per. adv. & 1000 acs. for trans. of 20 pers: Justinian Cooper, Rich. Cosey, Nich. Man, John Curtis, John Coker, Henry Bonney, James Smith, Geo. Stacy, Wm. Redman, Geo. Archer, Wm. Bannister, Wm. Cooke, Samll. Eldrige, Wm. Nesse, Mary Clinton, Jon. Davis, Robert Radye, Rich. Smith, Wm. Underwood, Henry Rouncifull, Clement Evans.
Source: "Cavaliers and Pioneers, Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants" 1623-1666, Abstracted and Indexed by Nell Marion Nugent. Volume One, Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Company, 1969, p. 47.
ELDRIDGE Samuel   Justinian Cooper, 1050 acres in county of Warrisquick, bounded on the northwest by land on Lawn's Creek southeast of Back Creek northeast, by his dwelling house, &c., due 50 acres for his personal adventure 
and 1000 acres for the transportation of 20 persons, viz.: Justinian Cooper, Richard Casey, Nicholas Man, John Curtis, John Corker, Henry Rancifull, Clement Evans, Henry Boney, James Smith, George Stacy, William Redman, George Archer, William Banister, William Cooke, Samuel Eldridge, William Nosse, Mary Clinton, Jno. Davis, Robert Radge, Rich. Smith, William Underwood.
Virginia Land Records, Isle of Wight Deeds and other Records, p. 183:[Patent, no date, listed between Patents Sept 13, 1636 for John Bridges and Christopher Reynolds on Sept 15, 1636]
ELDRIDGE  Samuel    1636 Isle of Wight Co., VA    Junstinian Cooper 1050 ac. on Lawne's Creek for the transportation of 20 persons including Samuel Eldridge. 13 Sep 1636.
ELDREGE Samuell  Justinian Cooper 1050 acs. Isle of Wight Co., 16 Aug. 1637, p. 454. N. W. upon the head of Lawnes Cr., S.E. upon the back Cr., N.E. upon his dwelling howse & S.W. into the woods. 50 acs. for his own per. adv. & 1000 acs. for trans. of 20 pers: Richard Cosey, Nich. Mann, John Curtis, John Coker, Henry Ronncifull, Clement Evans, Henry Boney (or Bouey), James Smith, Geo. Stacy, William Redman, Georg Archer, William Bannister, William Cooke, Samuell Eldrege, William Nesse, Mary Clinton, John Davis, Robt. Rabye, Richard Smith, Wm. Underwood (first written Robert.)
SOURCE: "Cavaliers and Pioneers - Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants", 1623-1666. Abstracted and Indexed by Nell Marion Nugent. Volume One, Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Company, 1969, p. 65.
ELDREDGE  Samuell   1637 Isle of Wight Co., VA    
Transported by Justinian Cooper
ELDREGE Samll    Justinian Cooper Gent., 2,400 acs. Isle of Wight Co., Mar. 16, 1642, Page 874. 100 acs. due for per. adv. of Ann, his wife, in 1618, 500 acs. for her adv. of 50 Lbs. Sterling, & 200 acs. for the per. adv. of Robert Olliffe unto whom the sd. Anne was sister & heir, & for his ad. of 27 Lbs. into the Colony 300 acs.more; 1,300 acs. for the trans. of 26 pers.: Justinian Cooper, 4 times, Ann his wife, Clement Ewins, Wm. Bisley, Hen. Rownfifall (?), Georg Archer, Wm.Woodward, Samll. Eldrege, Mary Veare, Eliz. Reades, Jon. Davis, Robert Feasly, James Smith, Wm. Cooke, Henry Bony, Ursula Waight, Wm. West, Wm. Redman, Robert Kenin, Geo. Stacie, Wm. Underwood, Nicholas Richard Coursie.
Source: "Cavaliers and Pioneers - Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and
Grants", 1623-1666. Abstracted and Indexed by Nell Marion Nugent, Volume One, Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Company, 1969, p. 143.
ELDRIDGE  Samuell   1650 Isle of Wight Co., VA    Robert Flake & Samuell Eldridge, 560 ac. Isle of Wight Co 20 Aug 1650 lyeing upon the third swamp  S.W. by  W. from Henry White's plantation Due unto sd. Flake & Eldridge for trans. of 11 persons: John Clements, Edw. Alchard, Jo. Storrey, Wm. Batts, Eliz. Phillips, John Vassae or Vassal, Richard Walton, Mary Martin, Martha Cole, Tho. Syer, Wm. Baldwinn.
Virginia Land Records, Isle of Wight Deeds and other Records, p. 189:
ELDRIDGE Samuel   In Virginia Patents, Book No. 2, p. 240, there is a grant dated Augst 20, 1650, of 560 acres in Isle of Wight Co. to Robert Blake and Samuell Eldridge for headrights on eleven persons.  From the latter part of this patent the name is spelt Eldridge.
ELDRIDGE  Samuel    1654 Isle of Wight Co., VA   
Grant of land to 
Humphrey Clark, Isle of Wight Co. May be the Humphrey Clark 1650 by Robert Bird
ELDRIDGE  Samuel    1654 Isle of Wight Co., VA    Samuel Eldridge to Humphrey Clark 280 ac. Blackwater river patented by Eldridge and Robert Flake 13 Mar 1654 Early Wills and Deeds, Isle of Wight 1600-1800, p. 206:
ELDRIDGE  Samuel    1655 Isle of Wight Co., VA    Samuel Eldridge granted 295 ac. on main branch Blackwater river, between Mr. Sewards and Humphrey Clerk's land 8 Jun 1655 for transporting 6 persons: Job Beasly (3 times), Richard Henry, Jas. Mathewson and Christian Hygate. Job Bazely d. intestate in Isle of Wight and his relict Amy requested admin. on his estate 5 Jan 1662.
ELDRIDGE Samuel    In Virginia Patents Book No. 3, p. 240, June 8, 1655, there is a grant of 400 acres, in Isle of Wight Co., to Sam Eldridge.
ELDRIDGE  Samuel    1657 Isle of Wight Co., VA    13 Mar 1657 (?) 
...Samuel Eldridge to Humphrey Clark...280 ac. being part of the land taken up by said Eldridge and Robert Flake (or Blake). Wit: Peter Bedford and Thomas Walter. Signed Samuel x Eldridge. Rec. 9 Jul 1656. Note, in a 10 Aug 1691 
deposition, Robert Flake/Blake, aged 70 (i.e. b.c. 1621) states William Evans conveyed to James Benn 400 of 800 acres of Kingsale. 
"Wills and Administrations of Isle of Wight County, Virginia 1647-1800.
Page 62 Listed under ADMINISTRATIONS AND PROBATES, 1661-1701
Page 10  
ELDRIDGE  Samuel    1665 Isle of Wight Co., VA    Samuel Eldridge dying intestate, administration of his estate requested by Thomas Moore who married his relict. 10 Apr 1665,
recorded 21 Jun 1665. Security: George 

Moore, ___ Brantlie. 
Dictionary definition of
INTESTATE, 1. not having made a will.
RELICT, 1. widow
1. The act or process of administering, 

2. Performance of executive duties: Management.
ELDRIDGE  Samuel    1667 Isle of Wight Co., VA    Account of the estate of Samuel Eldridge presented 22  Aug 1667 by Thomas Moore who married his relict.
Samuel Eldridge had a brother or father or cousin named Thomas ELDRIDGE  Thomas    1715 Isle of Wight Co., VA    22 Mar 1715...Edward Goodrich of Prince Georges Co., VA to James Jones of the same...230 ac. on the west side of the Three Creeks. Wit: Gilbert Hay, John Cheney, Thomas Eldridge, John Dolittle and Thomas Overmuch. Recorded 26 Nov 1716. Signed Edward Goodrich.
What relation he was to Thomas Eldridge, to whom the Eldridge family of Virginia can directly trace, does not appear.
<> (webpage has disappeared)
     1. THOMAS ELDRIDGE was a lawyer who married Judith Kennon, daughter of Richard Kennon, of Bermuda Hundred.  In 1711 he received by deed from his brother-in-law, Col. William Kennon, one of Sir Thomas Dale's 
ancient settlements in Henrico County known as Rochedale Hundred (now known as Jone's Neck), on the south side of the River west of Curls' Neck, which is on the north side.  He was deputy clerk of Henrico county between May 17, 1716, and April 1, 1717.

     He died in Surry county, November 4, 1740 (Quarterly, XIV., p. 5), where his will, dated August 17, 1739, was proved May 20, 1741.  He names his wife,Judith, and children: 2. THOMAS, to whom he gave his silver tankard and all
his law books; 3. JUDITH, 4. ELIZABETH, 5. ANN, married Sterling Clack, clerk of Brunswick County, and had issue: Eldridge, James, Mary, Elizabeth, Judith, and Ann Sterling Clack.  Ann Clack, wife of Sterling Clack, of Brunswick
County, died Aug. 21, 1752 (Quarterly, XIV., p. 3). 6. MARTHA, 7. WILLLIAM, 8. RICHARD.  He also names his grandchildren Thomas and Jane Eldridge.

    Judith Eldridge, wife of Thomas Eldridge, died in Sussex county, Oct. 14, 1759, aged 67.  Her will was dated March 2, 1754, and was proved in Surry,Feb. 15, 1760.  It names daughter Sarah, son William, and granddaughters Mary, Elizabeth, Judith and Ann Sterling Clack.
ALDRIDE   Margorie  1642 Isle of Wight Co., VA    
Transported by Robert Lawrance
ALDROD    Nicholas  1645 Isle of Wight Co., VA    23 Nov 1645 ...Thomas Keerke to Richard Alrod...a parcel. Note: Also written on this deed is...Nicholas Aldrod assigns to Phillip Pary all his right of the parcel of land according to the 
sense of the patent. 
Recorded 10  Sep 1655. 
Signed Nicholas Aldred.
ALDRED    Nicholas  1645 Isle of Wight Co., VA    Thomas Hinson sold to William Brunt a parcel of land upon southside of John Newton between 100 ac. of James Watson, and said Wm. Brunt is to have with as good assurances as John Seward hath given me. If said Wm. Brunt doth lose said land and Mr. Robert Pitt do require it, I do bind myself to pay 1000 weight in tobacco and cask to Wm. Brunt. Dec. 1643. William Brunt assigns same to Thomas Kerrke 
19 Oct 1644. Thomas Keerke assigns same to Nicholas Aldred 23 Nov 1645. Nicholas Aldred assigns same to Phillip Perry 10 Sep 1655.
ALDRED    Nicholas  1649 Isle of Wight Co., VA    
Will of Edward Chetwine (?Chetwood/Chatwood etc.) of Isle of Wight dated 7 Sep 1649. To James House; to Thomas Attwell. I give James House all my Bedding and what else of mine is at Mr. Aldred's...To Christopher Holms, John 
Young. I give Robert Watson, Henry Pitt, John Inglish (also English), Nicholas Aldred, Mrs. Anne Jones and all her children...And, for the performance of this my LWT, my debts being paid, I leave Mr. Robert Watson and Henry Pitt my 
executors. Wit: Tho. Brook and Gulelmi Ruffin 27 Sep 1649. John Norseworthy m. Frances English d/o John in 1670. John Watts m. Alice English d/o John 1678.John Norsworth d. intestate in Isle of Wight in Apr 1670 naming his relict, 
Frances, admin. Security was posted by John Pitt and William Oldis.
ALDRED    Nicholas  1655 Isle of Wight Co., VA    Thomas Hinson sold to William Brunt a parcel of land upon southside of John Newton between 100 ac. of James Watson, and said Wm. Brunt is to have with as good assurances as John Seward hath given me. If said Wm. Brunt doth lose said land and Mr. Robert Pitt do require it, I do bind myself to pay 1000 weight in tobacco and cask to Wm. Brunt. Dec. 1643. William Brunt assigns same to Thomas Kerrke 19 Oct 1644. 
Thomas Keerke assigns same to Nicholas Aldred 23 Nov 1645. Nicholas Aldred assigns same to Phillip Perry 10 Sep 1655. John Bressie (also Brassieur) m. Mary Pitt d/o Robert in 1672. Joseph Bridger m. Hester Pitt d/o Robert in 1672. The Brasseur family came to Calvert Co., MD.
Tennessee Cousins
Author: Worth S. Ray
Call Number: F435.R3
Page 552 
The name of THREE ELDRIDGE persons appear on the old early Virginia land records. 

SAMUEL ELDRIDGE was one of the several persons who came to Virginia with JUSTINIAN COOPER, a prominent ??migrant, who married ANNE HARRISON, the widow of a JAMES HARRISON, who had been ANNE OLIFFE. She and Justnian Cooper had no children, but there appears to have been children of Cooper by a first marriage. In taking out several patents to land from 1635/6 on for several years, JUSTINIAN COOPER repeatedly used the headright of this SAMUEL ELDRIDGE, every time he took out a patent. Eldridge had probably come to Virginia, when Justinian Cooper first came, so that he arrived very early. By 1750 a SAMUEL ELDRIDGE was patenting lands in ISLE OF WTCOUNTY in his own name. Also a certain ??UGH ELDRIDGE and a THOMAS ELDRIDGE came about the same time.See Nugent pp. 47, 65, 143, 197, 255, 309, and for THOMAS 381. 

Other writers have claimed that the SAMUEL ELDRIDGE was the ancestor, but it may have been THOMAS as well. A THOMAS ELDRIDGE died nearly 100 years later (Nov. 4, 1740) in SURRY County, Virginia. He was a lawyer. 

<< Regarding Thomas Eldred, son of Lt. Thomas(
1) Eldred/Susannah Cole. I looked in Nelson Eldreds book and a few other databases.>>

Thank you for your help.

Several months ago, I read the following and got my hopes up that there was a connection between the RI Eldred and the VA Eldridge lines.


<< Sender:
Date: Wed,  3 Feb 1999 15:35:22, -0500
Subject: Re: [ELDRIDGE-L] Sam ELDRED, immigrant

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Hi Margaret, 

Excerp from "Eldredge" in  the "New York Genealogical and Biographical Record"

(snip) ------ "Thomas Eldredge married a daughter of Colonel John or Robert Bolling of Virginia. Robert Bolling's wife was a daughter of Thomas Rolfe and Potthress (Indian) and granddaughter of Pocahontas, who died at Gravesend, England."

(1) "Samuel Eldredge, the immigrant ancestor of this branch of the family, was a resident of Medford, Massachusetts, before 1651. In 1652 he deposed before the Court that he was 32 years old. In 1646 he was a resident of Cambridge, and in  1659 in Rumney Marsh, later Chelsea. He removed to Kingston, Rhode Island, in 1668 and was of Wickford, over which Connecticut claimed jurisdiction. He served as constable there and was a member of the Ancient and Honorable 
Artilliery Company of Boston.
October 8, 1674 he was granted by the general court at Hartford "the sum of twenty nobles for good service in doing and suffering for this colony." On december 18, 1675, he was at Richard Smith's garrison house just before the Narragansett swamp fight, as related by Captain Benjamin Church, who says they went on a night adventure with him, surprising and capturing eighteen Indians. In 1697 he deeded to his son John a house and a hundred acres of land with a right on the other side of then the Pequot Path. He died about 1697. He married Elizabeth ---------. 
Children; Elizabeth, born October 26, 1642; 
Samuel, born October 28, 1644; Mary, June16, 1646; 
Lieutenant Thomas, September 8, 1648;  James, died 
about 1687; Daniel, mentioned below; John died 1724."

(II) "Daniel, son of Samuel Eldredge, was born in Kingston, Rhode Island and died August 13, 1726. In 1702 he removed to Stoningham, Connecticut, and April 6 that year, his wife and five children were baptised there -------------------."

Rest of this article is devoted to the descendants of Daniel (II) and traces the "line of submitter" through 5 generations culminating in Binghamton, NY in 1851

Massachusetts Immigrants Samuel, Robert, & William Eldred thought to be related but has never been proven. 
Richard, Descendant of Robert Eldred>>


SOURCE:  Historical Southern Families - XXII, Mrs. John Bennet Boddie Ed.,Genealogical Publishing Co., 1978


     The Reverend Samuel Watson, born August 10, 1813 in Worchester County,Maryland, son of Levin and Susannah Watson of Accomac County, Virginia married in Desoto County, Mississippi, December 15, 1842, Mary Alline Dupree, born February 23, 1827 (daughter of Allen Dupree, b. 1796, and his wife Priscilla Elizabeth Stuart b. Aug. 25, 1800, d. Nov. 20, 1853, m. Aug. 27, 1822).

     Samuel and Mary Dupree Watson had thirteen children, including Ella Love Watson, born December 29, 1851 in Desoto, Mississippi, died February 18, 1880 in Woodruff County, Arkansas; she married March 25, 1869 Rolfe Eldridge, Jr.

     The first record of an Eldridge in America is the will of John Eldridge of the manor of Chillwood, Somerset, England, dated September 11, 1646, in which he mentions his "said brother beyond the seas and in his minority".
(Meade: Families of Virginia, vol. i, p. 70.)  John Eldridge was the younger son of Richard Eldridge, a bell founder of Surrey County, England.

     Thomas Eldridge, a lawyer, grandson of John Eldridge and great-grandson of Richard the bell founder, was born ca 1670 and died November 4, 1740 in Surry County, Virginia.  He married Judith Kennon, born ca 1692, died October 14, 1759, the daughter of Richard Kennon (b. 1650 in England, died 1696 in Virginia) and his wife Elizabeth Worsham, born ca 1656, the daughter of William Worsham and his wife Elizabeth Littleberry.

     In 1711 Thomas Eldridge received by deed from his brother-in-law Colonel William Kennon one of Sir Thomas Dale's ancient settlements in Henrico County, known as Rochedale Hundred (now known as Jones' Neck), on the south side of the river, west of Curl's Neck which is on the north side.  Thomas Eldridge was deputy clerk of Henrico County between May 17, 1716 and April 1, 1717.  He died in Surry County on November 4, 1740, where his will dated August 17, 1739, was probated May 20, 1740.  (William & Mary Quarterly XIV, p. 5.) In it he named his wife Judith, and children: Thomas, Judith, Elizabeth, Ann,Martha, William and Richard, and  grand-children Thomas and Jane Eldridge.

     Judith Eldridge died in Sussex County October 14, 1759, aged 67.  Her will dated March 2, 1754 and probated in Surry County February 15, 1760, named her daughter Sarah, son William, and grand-daughters Mary, Elizabeth, Judith, and Ann Sterling Clack.

     Thomas Eldridge Jr., son of Thomas and Judith, was born 1710 in Virginia and died in Sussex County on December 4, 1754.  He married (1) Martha Bolling in 1727.  She was born in 1713, and died October 23, 1749, the daughter of Col. John Bolling. (Meade: op. cit., vol. i, p.79; also also National Register, Colonial Dames of America #8277.) Thomas Eldridge married (2) Elizabeth Jones, daughter of James and Sarah (Howell) Jones of Surry County, Virginia.

     Thomas Eldridge III was a son of his father's first marriage, born ca 1737 in Sussex County, died 1822 in Madison County, Alabama.  He was a Revolutionary soldier.

          Hanover Court, Oct. 23, 1801: Thomas Eldridge came into court and made oath that two land warrants granted him, one for 500 ac., #2836, 

(Note: The above were from pages 32 & not have a copy of page 34, etc.)
Two different wives are listed on the internet for Samuel Eldridge but without sources.
Their names are Margorie ?,  and Elizabeth Champion.
ALDRIDE   Margorie  1642 Isle of Wight Co., VA    
Transported by Robert Lawrance

*.Edward CHAMPION b abt1615 [15] d bef1668 [1]
*.sp Elizabeth? ____ b 1606
...Elizabeth CHAMPION
...sp1 Samuel ETHRIDGE
...sp2 Thomas MOORE
...sp Hugh BRESSIE
...Priscilla CHAMPION
*..Phyllis CHAMPION b abt1636 ENG m 1660 d aft 1694
*..sp1 Elias FORT b 1630-1646 d ca1678 [1]
...sp2 John DUCIE/DUCE of [3] m 1686 d 1691 [3]
...Edward CHAMPION 

Rhio's Sampler

First Three Generations of Samuel Eldridge Sr